Penny For your Soul

Welcome to the Eternity Hotel!  Don’t forget to sell your soul before you hit the casino!

Danica, the Devil’s granddaughter, has gone into business, and she’s really raking it in.  With the help of Mary Magdalene, she runs a casino in Sin City itself.  What’s your soul worth to you?  The Eternity will give you $10,000 for it.

But does what happens in Vegas really stay in Vegas?  And how will the forces of Heaven and Hell react to Danica’s little scheme?  Suddenly, events foretold thousands of years ago seem to be falling into place, and Danica is about to find herself right in the middle of a conflict that started before time itself.

Big Dog Ink’s flagship title, Penny for Your Soul, is best suited for mature readers.  Provocative, sexy, and irreverent — this is one hell of a book!

BDI Super Special: Joan of Arc On Sale Now!


     joanspring2016coverAsmallIn 1431, a young girl known to the world as Joan of Arc, was burned at the stake after being betrayed by her allies. Now, nearly 600 years later, the Maid of Orleans has returned, and she has taken on a new mission, found a new purpose, and is taking it very seriously.

Joan has become the protector of the legendary Ark of the Covenant. After finding out, once again, that those she called friendshad deceived her. Joan has collected dozens of important religious artifacts and hidden them in the Ark and is now on the run from Heaven, Hell and whoever or whatever else may find the Ark of interest.

Now, in the Spring of 2016, Big Dog Ink brings the steampunk angel back in the pages of the first quarterly BDI Super Special. Written by Tom Hutchison and CW Cooke, this completely new book and story will be available as a convention/web exclusive only! Joan’s continuing adventures pick up from the final issue of Penny for Your Soul: Death, and push both forward both the story of Joan and the Ark of the Covenant as well as the goings on at the Babylon Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

Cover A and the interior art is being handled by CB Zane (Critter, GI Joe, The In Crowd) and with colors by Ceci de la Cruz (Legend of Oz, Critter). This full size 20 page issue will debut in the first quarter of 2016 and will also have three variant covers by some of the best cover artists in the business: Nei Ruffino, Shannon Maer, and Jose Luis. Each variant cover will be limited to ONLY 100 copies!alltogether

Big Dog Ink has also partnered with Jesse James Comics to create a fourth variant cover that will be available exclusively through Jesse James Comics in Glendale, AZ. This cover is drawn by local Arizona artist, Alfred Trujillo and colored by Whitney Cook. joanSPRING2016variantALBERTsmallfixJesse has been a long time supporter of BDI and has recently done variant covers for hugely popular books like Rick and Morty from Oni Press, as well as Fight Club 2 from Dark Horse. We are thrilled to have Jesse and his team along for the debut of this new book and new product.

To make this new book even more unique and exciting, you will notice that the cover images are more square than normal. That is not a mistake. The BDI Super Special books will be in an oversized 9×12 format, allowing the story and characters to leap off the page and let you get that much closer to the action.

February 1st, 12:00 AM midnight, the preorder window will open! All four of the BDI versions of the book will be available, while Jesse James’ exclusive will be available solely through Check out his website for ordering information when it comes available!