Legend of Oz: The Wicked West

You know the basics.  You’ve watched Judy Garland, Zooey Deschanel, and James Franco get swept away by tornadoes and wind up far from home.  You think you know Oz.

Think again.

Creator Tom Hutchison shows you Oz like you’ve never seen it before in this best-selling series from Big Dog Ink!  Three years after a tornado flung her into Oz, Dorothy Gale seems no closer to finding the Emerald City than on the day she arrived.  The Yellow Brick Road she’s meant to follow has been picked apart by scavengers.  Traveling on her trusty steed Toto and armed with ruby-handled revolvers, Gale’s search for a way home will lead all across the land of Oz, where she’ll make friends and face foes both old and new.

There’s something in this book for everyone — action, adventure, magic, revenge, intrigue, camaraderie, flying monkeys, and a fresh take on a familiar story.  Whether you’ve read all the books, just seen the movies, or have no history with Oz whatsoever, come visit us in the Wicked West!

Planet Comicon!


Planet Comic Con has arrived and so have the superstars of Big Dog Ink.

First, you’ll get to meet in person the writer and creator of the smash hits Penny for Your Soul, Critter, Ursa Minor and Legends of OZ: The Wicked West – TOM HUTCHISON!

You’ll also want to stop by the BDI booth to meet JESSE WICHMANN, the mega talent behind the beautiful cover art you see here, with colors by the spectacular ULA MOS.

This limited comic print is a Planet Comic Con LE 250 exclusive, so come by early before they disappear forever!

See you there!

Read Marc R. Baum's Forward to the First Legend of Oz TPB

What author Tom Hutchison has done is take a step back and imagine a world where Dorothy Gale is familiar while at the same time exhilaratingly fresh and new. A character we remember from a childhood fairy tale, all grown up. A sideways glance and a tip of the hat to L. Frank Baum and all that the OZ universe represents and a tale that captivates you from the first page.

Read the whole thing here!